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Jeffrey B. Cobb

Jeffrey Cobb is the founder and principal of Cobb & Associates PC. He has over thirty years’ experience in representing hedge funds and other investment vehicles, as well as a general securities background. Mr. Cobb began his legal career with the firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel in New York City, where he was a partner for six years, specializing in securities law and corporate finance, including investment management, venture capital and hedge funds. He subsequently was a partner in the New York City firms of Spengler Carlson Gubar Brodsky & Frischling and its successor, Thelen Reid & Priest, and thereafter a partner with the Connecticut firm of Cummings & Lockwood, where he headed a newly formed investment management group. In July 1996, recognizing the need for the asset management community to have specialized legal representation in a smaller firm environment, he formed his own firm, Cobb & Associates LLC, which operated until August 2007. At that time he joined the New England firm of Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge and served as head of its Hedge Fund and Investment Company practice until departing in April of 2009 to return to a boutique practice at Cobb & Associates.

Mr. Cobb is a cum laude graduate of Harvard College and the New York University Law School. He has lectured actively on investment management, hedge fund and securities law topics for a variety of sponsors, including the Banking Department, State of Connecticut; NY State Foundation for Accounting Education; the Securities Industry Association, Financial Research Associates; MAR-Hedge; and other firms. Mr. Cobb has written on various securities and investment law topics, including the articles, “Time for a Fresh Look at Advisory Registration of Hedge Fund Managers?” (Investment Lawyer, October 2006), and “Section 3(c)(1) and the 100-Investor Test: An Unofficial Counter’s Manual” (Investment Lawyer, January 2001). Mr. Cobb is a founding director of the Connecticut Hedge Fund Association and is a member of the Subcommittee on Hedge Funds of the Advisory Committee to the Connecticut Department of Banking. He is a member of both the New York and Connecticut bars.

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